How to order a book?

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How to finalize my order?

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How much do I pay?

Total amount = sum of (book price * number of copies) + P&P costs, which depend on country of destination and way of dispatch. Please note that sending books via air is more expensive, although you get your books much faster.

We accept most credit cards or bank transfer.

How long does it take to get the books?

We send books as soon as we receive the payment (usually on the same day). Please allow 2 weeks for delivery via airmail, 4-5 weeks via surface mail (depending on country of destination).

The parcel I got is damaged. What to do?

In such rare case that there’s anything wrong with the books you received (wrong title, wrong number of copies, damaged books, etc.) please contact our sales manager and we will do what we can to solve the problem.

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