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56th Fighter Group – new issue in Fighting Units in Colour series

Peter Randall from Little Friends and Nigel Julian from the 56th FG website have joined forces and are making their publishing debut with a highly detailed account of the history of the 56th Fighter Group.

56th Fighter Group book cover by AJ-Press

The 56th Fighter Group Museum at Halesworth have kindly opened their archives to the authors, and a great number of the photographs featuring in the book will be appearing in print for the first time. Added to this are photographs from their own personal archives and those of 56th veterans and veterans families, making it an essential purchase for anyone with even a passing interest in this highly successful unit.

Thoroughly researched and highly detailed colour profiles painted by Zbigniew Kolacha are featured throughout the book, and many of the aircraft profiled are also appearing for the first time in print. The opportunity has also been taken to show some aircraft which have previously only been profiled incorrectly.

As with previous “Fighting Units In Colour” releases, a free decal sheet will be included with 1:72, 1:48th and 1:32 scales represented. It is the intention of the authors, space permitting, that most if not all the P-47s on the decal sheet will be making their debut to modellers.

The group’s history is due to be covered in three volumes, and Volume 1 is available now.

Fighting Units in Colour – new series from AJ-Press

We proudly present new series, not only for modellers: books in full colour, with a free, big sheet of decals to 1:32, 1:48 and 1:72 scales, matching the colour profiles inside.

But there’s more than just colour plates – there are photos illustrating inscriptions, emblems, marking etc., and people who served in the given unit, pictured against their aircraft of course!

The series is targeted at English-language market – edition is fully in English. Modelers will find it useful, but not only them: those who crave spicy details from units history will not be disappointed. Lots of unseen-before photos, provided by pilots families and historical societes, make this first book of the series - 506th Fighter Group - exceptional.