AJ-Press Publishing House was established in 1991. From the very beginning we focused on books for hobbyists interested in history of wars and weapon. At the beginning we published only one series titled Monografie Lotnicze (Aviation Monograph) which still remains the flagship of our offer. As time went by we added new positions to our catalogue and now there are eight regular series bearing the AJ-Press logo – four of them are in Polish, two in English, and another two are bilingual (English and Polish). There is also Czech version of Monografie Lotnicze, published in co-operation with Intermodel Publishing House. We have even a book in Japanese on our account.

From the outset we have been doing our best to improve the quality of our books. As the result subsequent publications contain materials taken from various sources such as original manuals, technical documentation and other documents. In the last year a growing number of drawings was made with CAD sofware, which resulted in better reproduction of details and generally higher quality of printing. Needless to say, we co-operate with the best artists and authors whose contribution can be seen in an increasing quantity of interesting material included in our books.

Contact information

AJ-Press Publishing House
ul. Kościuszki 93/1
80-421 Gdańsk, POLAND


Adam Jarski, editor-in-chief & founder

Andrzej Gumbrewicz, sales & marketing

Natasha the armoured kitty, company pet

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